Many times I hear terms like left-wing politician and right-wing politician. Yesterday this was the headline on BBC world: ''Nine policemen are killed on an anti-narcotics mission in Colombia, victims of left-wing rebels, say the authorities.'' What does left-wing and right-wing mean?
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"Left-wing" and "right-wing" are political stances whereas "the west wing" is a geographical location within a building. Upon first hearing the phrase used in connection with the White House Maple believed it to have a political meaning even though none exists.
Yeah! That's exactly what I meant. It in the sentence refers to the west wing. A bit ambiguous. Sorry!
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MapleI'd like to share an episode of my learning the word wing. The political implications of the right wing and the left wing had impressed me so much that I eagerly searched for the similar implication of it when I first saw the TV serial drama The West Wing. Came out the result it's just the relative location of the President's Oval Office of the White House. Kinda funny, isn't it?Emotion: big smile

Hey Maple,

Hope you are fine. Please tell me what does political implications mean?

Best wishes, Jackson

I’m not quite clear about what you meant by saying "hope you are fine". But, thank you, I'm fine.[C]

As to the political implications, I think elaborate explanations have been given by others.

I'd like to add some relative info. here in if you have any interest. In fact, they're a pair of the most widely used political terms here about twenty or more years ago.

Right ----opening up the gates of the country. focusing on economy development

Left ----communism. focusing on political campaigns

Each side has different comprehension of democracy.

And during some special period of time, it’s very hard for the ones belonging to the right wing to survive. Numerous instances.

I’m not good at summarizing such kind of thing. What’s more, I enjoy reading and posting here, but my language is not reliable; my English is poor. So what I’ve said can only be taken as a weak reference.

Best wishes,

MapleRight ----opening up the gates of the country. focusing on economy development

Left ----communism. focusing on political campaigns
Well here it means:

Right:- Static, stagnant, fearing change, selfish!
Left:- Dynamic, fresh, willing to embrace new ideas, charitable!
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I’m not quite clear about what you meant by saying "hope you are fine". But, thank you, I'm fine.

Hi Maple,

I hope you are fine. Is it clear now?

Best wishes, Jackson
I think I get it nowEmotion: smile[C]
Hmmm...now I understand!
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"Politics on the left is associated with liberalism" Classic liberalism has little to do with left wing politics, being mostly associated with economic liberalism and 'individual freedom'. As such there is some overlap in that they tend to oppose authoritarian government and emphasise the importance of individual rights.

However, in economics they are mostly on opposing sides and this is a key difference. Left wingers generally believe in social justice, equality of opportunity and are opposed to exploitation, and often believe the state should ensure these rights. They see human society as being divided on lines of socio-economic class, with other divisions being 'false' or secondary. They also tend to place emphasis on the importance of the collective, rather than the individual.

In the mainstream media political parties are often called left-wing, without considering that they are rarely truly left-wing parties. To be truly left-wing a political movement ought to be anti-capitalist and pro-participatory democracy, because it ought to see capitalism as the root cause of society's problems.
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