Many times I hear terms like left-wing politician and right-wing politician. Yesterday this was the headline on BBC world: ''Nine policemen are killed on an anti-narcotics mission in Colombia, victims of left-wing rebels, say the authorities.'' What does left-wing and right-wing mean?
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I was confused for a long time, and still was until I confirmed (I Think, but am not entirely sure) tonight what the terms "Left Wing" and "Right Wing" really mean. CNN, MSNBC, and FOX newscasters love to use the term constantly, unaware that many listeners don't have a clue as to what the terms Left and Right mean. The definition of the French and English in the 1700's, and even watching TV today of the US congress, did not make any sense - are they talking about left and right with regard to the point of view of the congressmen as they seat themselves, or the point of view of the podium (Stage Left, and Stage Right, the opposite of what you define when seated looking up), which reverses left and right, depending on if you are up here or down there.

From what I have figured out after MUCH searching, and even dictionaries do not define it, I believe that the Left is Liberal (Democratic), and the Right is Republican (Conservatives). Am I correct, and do I win a prize? That would be a good way to remember it, if that is right (Opps, I meant Correct). If I am wrong, then please correct me. But the concept of Left and Right, in and of itself, has no meaning whatsoever! If I were stupid, I probably would not have this problem of having to figure out what is what.

You can't determine that on the TV, and no dictionary defines it, and no web site explains it. It's like football. I haven't a clue what they are talking about. "It's 4 and 10" has absolutely no meaning without UNITS. 4 WHAT? 10 WHAT? I just don't get it. You don't have a snowball's chance in hell figuring out what they are talking about just by watching and listening. The same is true about "Left Wing" and "Right Wing." It could just as easily have been Up Wing and Down Wing, or Green Wing and Purple Wing, or Clockwise Wing and Counter-Clockwise Wing. Maybe they need a book or TV show called "Politics for Dummies?" Then maybe the rest of us idiots would understand if they really mean Liberal or Conservitive. Amen!
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Left wing is equated with Liberalism, in the US Democratic Party, in Canada the Liberals and or the New Democratic Party. Newspapers considered liberal are the New York Times, the LA Times, Washington Post, for example and in Canada the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star.

Right wing equates with Conservative or Neo Conservative views. For example the Republican Party (GOP) and Jeffersonian Libertarians in the US and Conservatives and the Wild Rose Party of Alberta. Conservative papers Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Times and in Canada the Calgary Herald, the National Post.

Let's just say that in "some circles" liberalism is equated with socialism, labour, the working classes, big government and lots of spending on social issues, pro life, pro gay, advocates for the disenfranchised, pro AfroAmerican, pro Jewish concerns, new immigrants.

Right wingers are generally pro business, pro "evangelical "Christians, but not all the time , socially conservative and fiscally conservative. They don't like government interference in their lives and business. They are pro-life, anti gay, prefer tax cuts.

The only difference between Conservatives and Libertarians is that most Libertarians advocate the legalization of drugs.
Excellent explanation - best I've seen yet!! Thanks.
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Thank you for your help..

Thank you. I have been wondering for a while now, and your answer hits it right on the dot.
then what is extreme left wing??
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then what is extreme left wing??

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