The dialogue is from the movie Captain America III.

So. Who was it? Who hit you?
Some guy.So itchy, man. God.
- What's some guy's name?
- Uh, Steve.Steve?- Yikes.
- From 12C?With the overbite?
No, no, no. You don't know him, he's from Brooklyn.
Well.Hope you got a few good licks in.
Yeah, I got quite a few in actually.
What does "get a few good licks in" mean? Thank you in advance.
zuotengdazuoWhat does "get a few good licks in" mean?
a few successful punches
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Mister Micawber a few successful punches
Thank you. So the speaker means he gave Steve a few punches successfully, right?

A licking means a beating, or a whipping. Sometimes parents would threaten their children with a "licking" which would be equivalent to a few smacks. So in this instance, "a few good licks" is a few good hits or punches.

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