I heard the expression "fake midnight"  below
Would you show me the mean of "It's almost fake midnight."?

-----The script goes like:  in the scene of "Frineds" sitcom
-If Mom and Dad don't see us
on TV after we made them so jealous...
,I mean, who's gonna be the losers then?
- Hey I know what'll get us up on a platform.
-The routine!
-Ross,We haven't done the routine since middle school.

-When the snippy guy sees the routine...
he'll want to build us our own platform.
-Was it really that good?
We got honorable mention in the brother/sister dance category!
Look,It's almost fake midnight.
Do we really have any other choice?
-Okay, let's do it.

It's not a standard phrase.

Here are all the scripts. Can you find the one you are asking about?

This is almost pointless 3 years later, but just in case anyone else has the same question, that isn't a phrase in the english language but is specific to the scene. In the scene they're at a recording for a tv show that is going to broadcast at the new year's eve countdown. So when they say fake midnight, they mean it's almost the time that would be considered midnight when the show finally airs.