What does it mean the expression "Legible Bachelor"?

Thanks, Laumont.
laumont What does it mean the expression "Legible Bachelor"?
Are you sure it isn't "eligible bachelor"?

Yes, I found "Legible Bachelor" in a poem by Harryette Mullen:

"software design for

legible bachelors

up to their eyeballs

in hype-writer fonts"

And elsewhere on the web as well:

"How To Reach Campus/Community Radio
Attacking the Airwaves
By Helen Spitzer


Is it key to be the most legible bachelor in town?
It’s mind-boggling how many packages arrive without the artist’s name on the outside, or how many CDs have miniscule lettering on the spine. Rendering yourself invisible might be the only thing stopping your CD from being noticed. "It’s amazing how much an orange spine with clear lettering stands out among a sea of black and white," says CJSW’s Derek McEwen. Same with envelopes: mark them extra legibly, and put the band name on the return address.

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Both these are deliberate puns (word jokes) on 'eligible bachelor' - the term 'legible bachelor' really doesn't exist or make any sense.
Poets frequently and deliberately use words in ways that are designed to surprise us.

"hype-writer fonts "is another example.
thanks a lot.


What do you understand by "hype-writer fonts"? Your answer is very important.

Thank you, laumont.
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a legible bachelor

Maybe the fact that he was a bachelor was written all over his face?


laumont What do you understand by "hype-writer fonts"? Your answer is very important.
Well, usually it is best to translate expressions of poetic license in the context of the entire poem. If it is taken out of context, it certainly can be easily misinterpreted.

"hype" is short for hyperbole - exaggerated expressions written in an attempt to impress or sell something - usually outlandish.
A "hype-writer" would be then somebody who writes nothing but hype - flowery, exaggerated, overstated, sales-oriented text, perhaps taken after the exemplar of P.T. Barnum.
A "font" is a type style. So what kind of fonts would a hype-writer use?