When you’re talking to somebody or analyzing somebody`s problem and you said " Now, I don’t have a sheepskin on my wall " .. Does it mean I don’t know the whole picture or the complete in/out what you’re talking about but…..



I'm not sure if it means this here, but "sheepskin" (informal) can also mean a diploma.
Annvan is right:

Coyote Blog: Don't Get Hung Up on the Degrees

In reality, the Harvard sheepskin on my wall actually hurts me running a small business as often as it helps me. For example, many of my employees when they ...

Does Orlando Bloom Ever See a Girl's Inner Beauty?

Now I don't have a sheepskin on my wall, but I can tell you this: that part of your problem has nothing to do with romance. Like the great Doctor Freud once ...


So here I am in portfolio school cursing at the sheepskin on my wall for it's lack of job landing ability accompanied by a heavy financial burden. ...

4 Mile Creek: June 2004

It wasn't until many years later that I realized that most of what I wanted in life required that I have that sheepskin on my wall, so I went eventually. ...

carlicus's Xanga Site - Bedside Reading...

And I certainly have no sheepskin on my wall to "certify" that I am "educated" like all the rest of them. This is self-education. ...
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Thanks guys .... Annvan you`re DA MAN ...
(She is, indeed, except that she's "Da woman" Emotion: wink )

What this means, loosely, is "I may not have a formal education in this, but my thoughts on this are pretty clear, and..."
Sorry I didnt know your gender Emotion: sad ... So from your name I guess my bad !!!
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No problem! :-)