Maybe, if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should, I could work this to my advantage. But physically, I'd never fit in anywhere.

what does 'should' means in this sentence?

I don't know why should need to be in this sentence.
Here, should = ought to, is expected to.
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But, Mr. Micawber, that sentence looks 'awkward' to me too. Could you help re-phrase it? Or I will think it is grammatically wrong.
There is nothing wrong with the sentence. Substitute my suggestions for 'should' if you wish.

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if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should,
If I don't get you wrong, the sentence can be read like this:
if I (who is) looked like a girl from Phoenix should.

But, I only heard that
sb. looks like some others.

I never know it is okay to say
sb. is looked like some others

Or I confuse myself again?
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'I who is looked' is impossible, Jeff.

My computer desk looks like a computer desk should (look): it is neat, uncluttered and in a well-ventilated area.
Ahhhhh, yes, I got it now!
so, in this sentence below, Does 'looks like' be omitted next to the 'should'?

"if I looked like a girl from Phoenix should"

and is it correct "Does 'looks like' be omitted?"

thanks in advance ^^
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Has 'looks like' been omitted?-- Only 'look' has been omitted.