I've been bothered by this word for a long time. Here is the original text:
"Each month, each Organization reports their state of preparedness for specific metrics in the BCP Status Report, which is provided to Senior Leadership"
Would you please explain the "metrics" in the sentence above?
thank you.
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Since BCP = Business Continuity Planning-- that is, regional plans to keep capitalist enterprise flowing in the case of a natural or other disaster, I have a feeling that 'metrics' is a euphemism for type and magnitude of disaster and/or catastrophic effects on business operations.

I couldn't locate a reference though. Can you supply your source, Sherime?

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I have asked this word in many other forums,but nobody could even give me an answer!
I think your explanation is pretty right, but I'm sorry I can't offer the source, it's kinda long and confidential.
Thank you so much,Micawber!
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"metrics" has become very widely used in business, particularly large corporations, within the last three to five years. It means, in general, "measurements", but frequently management has determined that there are specific metrics (measurements) that they want reported periodically.

Some examples of metrics are:

1. Number of paper clips used per person per month.
2. Number of minutes a computer was down for maintenance or repair per week.
3. Number of employees late to work each day.
4. Number of phone calls per employee each day.
5. Total dollar amount of invoices each day.
6. Total sales tax incurred per month.

Note that these would be considered six "metrics" and that they are all expressable in numbers. The rage now is to report everything numerically, i.e., through metrics, including employee morale!

thanks again!
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metrics is a standard of measurement.
metric differs from one field to another.

metric is a standard to a particular field in which it is used
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Measuring productivity of a product.
can u define this for me in accordance to retail store management
The question is " 20 metrics in retail store management "

Sales revenue per square foot of store floor-space.

Number of sick days taken each month by each sales-clerk.

Retail value of items returned each month

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