hi everybody,

my name is Shahrazed (Sheherazade), it's a legendry name, and I think it's Persian.

However I really don't know what it means, can anyone help me to find out?!!!!!Emotion: smile
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[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheherazade ]Wikipedia[/url] offers this:

The earliest forms of Scheherazade's name include Šīrāzād (شیرازد) in Masudi and Šahrāzād (شهرازاد) in Ibn al-Nadim , the latter meaning "she whose realm or dominion (شهر šahr) is noble (ازاد āzād)". In explaining his spelling choice for the name Burton says, "Shahrázád (Persian) = City-freer; in the older version Scheherazade (probably both from Shirzád = lion-born). 'Dunyázá' = world-freer. The Bres[lau] Edit[ion] corrupts the former to Shárzád or Sháhrazád; and the Mac[naghten] and Calc[utta] to Shahrzád or Shehrzád. I have ventured to restore the name as it should be." [1] . Having introduced the name Burton does not continue to use the diacritics on the name.

Scheherazade was identified, confused with, or partly derived from the legendary queen Homāy , daughter of Bahman , who has the epithet Čehrzād or Čehrāzād (چهرازاد) "she whose appearance is noble". Harun al-Rashid's mother, Al-Khayzuran , is also said to have influenced the character of Scheherazade.

I want to thank you for your precious information.

I used to like my name because I thought it sounds nice, now I love it because it has a beautiful meaning as well.Emotion: smile

thank you very much.
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hey do u know what loralei means?
Lorelai: cliff, 433 ft (132 m) high, on the right bank of the Rhine River, near St. Goarshausen, W Germany, about midway between Koblenz and Bingen. There the Rhine forms a dangerous narrows, and in German legend a fairy similar to the Greek Sirens lived on the rock and by her singing lured the sailors to their death. Heinrich Heine’s poem, Die Lorelei, is world famous. The rock has sometimes been identified as the place where the hoard of the Nibelungs is hidden under the Rhine.
Sheherazade is from the Arabic and means "city dweller". Shahrazad means "person of the city" from the Persian elements shahr "city" and zad "person".
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it probably means beautiful or wonderful i think your name is amazing[A]
hi my name is beatriz and my sister name is shahi too.HER name mean a bag with rosees!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: smile

so maybe that what your name mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: smile

god bless you and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be on the 14 of july so we can chat if you want!!!!!!!!!!
It means peace
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