I've checked up for it in several dictionaries, such as collins and cambridge, neither can give a clear explanation. Furthermore, could you help exlplain a phrase "self perception"???
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The easiest definition to remember is "an image in your mind".

"According to my perception of him, he's a thief. I don't have any hard evidence, but he acts like one and our conversations usually end up on the topics of diamonds, umarked bills, and fast getaways."

Self-perception is simply an image of yourself in your mind: how you view yourself.
your perception could be different than hers
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There are four meanings for "perception":

1 the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. His perception of the bat's squeak was due to his good hearing
2 the process of perceiving. How is your perception of the view affected?
3 a way of understanding or interpreting something. My perception is that this law seems to be unjust.
intuitive understanding and insight. Her sympathy for the child is a result of her perception that he was lonely.

— ORIGIN Latin, from percipere ‘seize, understand’.
Are you talking about self-perception theory in psychology?

Google "self perception", and take a look at the Wikipedia article on it.

"Self-perception theory is an account of attitude change developed by psychologist , Daryl Bem . It asserts that we develop our attitudes by observing our own behavior and concluding what attitudes must have caused them."

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what does pereceptions mean?
Have you read through the previous posts? Or are you asking about "pre-reception"?
I'm having alot of trouble with that word on our spelling contract Help please
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