Hello everyone,

I read "PS:" under letters or in some of posts in this forum but I don't know what it stands for. I will be happy if you can enlight me.

Thanks in advance.

PS stands for postscript.

You'll find it in your dictionary.

Best wishes, Clive
Latin: post scriptum = 'after the writing' >>> afterthought, something added to the original message. "Oh, by the way, I almost forgot....."
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Ohhh, Philiiip! [L] I admire your knowledge. Thanks for your answer.

To Clive, unfortunately, my old dictionary doesn't involve abbreviations. You are really quick!

Gentllemen, thanks for your quick and informative posts.
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P.S ~ Post Script..
what does p.s. mean?>?????
Anonymouswhat does p.s. mean?>?????

Did you, by any chance, read the answers in this thread?

P.S. It's answered twice.

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I've seen people attempting to add a second PS with "PSS", which is not correct. It should be "PPS".
This two-year-old post, which has been answered, just seems to be attracting newcomers who have not a lot to do with their time. I'm locking it.