Would you please help me with this topic? Because I am not sure how to use this or you can give me some of examples for it. Thanks.
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here's what Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English says:

1. sic Latin used after a word that you have copied in order to show that you know it was not spelled or used correctly: We had seen several signs that said "Orange's (sic) for sale."

2. sic AmE informal to tell a dog to attack someone: He sicced his dog on me.

Sic'em! spoken used to tell a dog to attack someone.


Oh, and it should be: What does 'sic' mean?
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Thank you very much! I felt it was enough for me to learn it from you guys. By the way, thank you for corrected my subject and I changed it already, Cairn.
You're most welcome!
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QUOTE: thank you for corrected my subject

CORRECTION: thank you for correcting my subject.
sick, man, so easy !!!!
Sic is latin for thus, and it's used in a quote when the author wants you to know that they are aware of the error, but that is the way they found the quote.
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