and. do you know where I can find a lot of English stories. which website is good for improving my english with reading story.
"So-called", a compound adjective with hyphen, means "that are normally called", "perceived as", "falsely thought of as", or "having gotten a reputation as".

When people put "so-called" in front of a noun or a modifier, they imply a doubt or an uncertainty about the legitimacy or validity of that modifier/noun.

- Today many of the so-called NBA players can't even do a proper jump shot.
- The so-called Geneva convention has too many loopholes for exploitation.
- I lost faith in my school district because of those so-called qualified teachers who don't even know there is another world outside the United States.
Usually used in a sentence like "My so called life." It's a qualifier used to suggest that the commonly associated meanings of a given term are inappropriate or incorrect in this context even though the term is technically correct and/or appropriate. Thus the example given conveys that the author considers the term "life" to be a poor or misleading description of his or her own life.

English language news sites are probably your best bet for learning English. There are a great many of them covering most every topic. If you haven't read "Crazy English" by Willian Safire you're in for a real treat. Another appropriate title for that book might be "My So Called Language".
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