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I love this!
100% agree...
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Hi, I think this is a damn great song and I love it and I agree that it would be more accurate the word "Creating" than "Making", I think that for marketing or practical reasons they decided to leave it with this name.

I know this is an old post, but it looks like it hasn't really been answered yet. You're asking two questions--what does "making love" mean in the song, and what does the song mean.

First, in this song, the phrase "making love" is a little bit misleading. Although "making love" does mean having sex, that phrase isn't actually in the song. What he is saying in the song is what he actually means. Making--love. In other words, creating love. If there is nothing between us, how do we make feelings out of nothing? Does that make sense? He's not saying, "having sex out of nothing at all." He means it literally-making feelings of love when there is nothing between us. Of course there is a little bit of a play on words there--obviously anyone hearing the song will think he is talking about sex, but that isn't at all what he actually means. (Although, "making love" does not mean exactly "having sex." To an English speaker, "making love" is the opposite of "having sex." "Having sex" is sex without feeling. "Making love" is having sex WITH feelings. You hear all the time a woman say, "I want to make love, not have sex!" And in older times, "making love" actually meant romancing a woman, TELLING her you love her, telling her how pretty she is, how she makes your heart swell with passion, etc. That would have been called "making love" 100 years ago. But none of that is what the song about.

I absolutely love this song, because it is VERY negative. It's brilliant, because people think it is romantic, but it is the opposite of romantic. When he says "nothing at all" he means there is nothing at all inside him. No feelings at all. Not for anyone. He is a robot--he knows how to FAKE emotion, everything is fake. You have to listen to the lyrics really carefully to understand this. He says, "I know just how to whisper, and I know just how to cry, I know just where to find the answers and I know just how to lie." He means he knows exactly what to do to make her love him. He knows just what to say, just how to act, to PRETEND he loves her, to get her to love him. It's really bitter and negative.

BUT, there's a problem. Even though he doesn't really love her, it's all an act, still, something is wrong, he doesn't know how to leave her, and he doesn't know how she does it, making love when there is nothing there.

It's a song of redemption. He is bitter and jaded and never has feelings for anyone. Yet somehow he cannot explain, he has feelings for her.
Anonymous "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" means that he fell in love with her and she didn't do anything to make it happen...it just did.
Hi, I am a Air supply fan from way back & I think your quote of interpretation for the song "making love out of nothing at all" is the best interpretation I have ever read. People tend to put too much thought into things & make things complicated, & I agree with you about the video, anyone who has watched it would soon see this song isn't about merely sex, .........it's about falling in love.....uncomplicated, nil expectations.
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hi i'am very big on air supply i was only 8 years old when i saw them at the new state fair in syracuse ny i'am now 38 years old and still love there songs i have all of there albums thay are coming to syracuse at the tuning stone august 14 make love nothing at all is my favorite song do like lost in love & KISS ME LIKE YOU mean it and vanshing race and i am even a air head for a air supply
"having sex for no reason"...for me the meaning of song is "just love me please and i'll do everything..."
Agree with your thoughts about the song ! Yes "making love out of nothing at all" means of preparing spontaneously are the suitable romanic atmosphere and love feelings so easy and from no reason just like a click of two fingers ! Emotion: smile
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Thank you so much. You made it clear. I can understand how making love out of nothing at all really is.
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