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In my opinion the song is about someone who does not believe in the emotion love, thinks it's a complete joke. He goes around banging as many women as possible, he tells them what they want to hear to get his way (i know just how to fake it, lie, and skeem,) he has fun and once they start getting too attached he leaves because he is not in love with them. . (I know just how to fake the truth... i know just when to LET YOU LOSE.... I know all the rules, know how to break them, and always know the name of the game) BUT there is something about this new girl, ( I don't know how to leave you.... And I know I can't live without you) that he just dosnt get, she is not like any of the rest. She made him fall in love... And did it with out doing anything at all.... She didn't use any if his tricks to the game( lies , seems, faking), she Did "nothing at all" and he fell in love. She made him believe in something he thought wasn't true, wanst "nothing at all" love. The 2nd half of the song is just him singing her praises... Literally. so the beginning of the song I believe to be the act of making love, the 2nd part of then song the emotion Of love. also because he loved her, he wants to tell her about his past (and I am never going to tell you everything I have to tell you, but I know I'll give it a try) but can't hurt her.
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I guess the opinion expressed in this song was a one sided love affair. The man has the power, but the woman has no feelings for him. Although they made love, but for the woman it was just plain sex and no strings attached.
Get me straight, you can say (with no fear to be wrong) that this lyrics is so platonic because the author, Grahan Russell, means"making love" is similar to "BUILDING LOVE" : THE AUTHOR THINKS THAT THE GIRL BUILDS UP LOVE FROM NOTHING AND THERE´S THE MIRACLE!!
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"Making love out of nothing at all" refers to him feeling that he's not a good guy and is amazed that she can love a guy like him. He is the "nothing" for he believes that he is worthless and unworthy of love. Yet, she manages to create this love, thus "making love out of nothing at all".
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i like your explanations & how u interpret the lyrics....
I take this song to mean that he can do so many great things, but is unable to love without condition. Her love is unconditional. He doesn't have to do anything for her to love him. "Making Love" does not always mean "sex". You can make/create love in so many ways.
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I have same question before i came here, after this reading,suddenly i can get it as:
This is 100% a love song, the singer loved his girl friend so much, felt guilty about his selfish chasing money and fame, and could not give any promise to her;
On the other hand, the girl do not want any thing from him, this make him further sorry!
"Making Love" = love affairs between them
"Out of nothing" = boy's irresponsibility + girl's true love
Frank Chang from Taiwan
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