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I have same question before i came here, after this reading, i get it as:
This is 100% a love song, the singer loved his girl friend so much, felt guilty about his selfish chasing money and fame, and could not give any promise to her;
On the other hand, the girl do not want any thing from him, this make him further sorry!
"Making Love" = love affairs between them
"Out of nothing" = boy's irresponsibility + girl's true love
Sorry but whilst I think you have the right idea, i think you have the wrong person - I believe it is her that is faking the love - The lyrics say 'I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all'. He is professing his everything to her but he feels that her feelings are not returned with the same devotion that he feels for her.
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I realize this post is very old however for personal reasons I wanted to know the meaning of this song too I have adored this song since I was in my early teens and I did find some very helpful inturptations and decided to share my favorite

"Making love out of nothing at all" means you can make love without having sex. To think of you, to anticipate your needs. Just to look at you is to make love to you
Thanks for your posting... because I, myself also have the same question...

However, my personal final conclusion for this song is

LOVE can GROW out of nothing at all.
LOVE can GROW out of nothing at all.
LOVE can GROW out of nothing at all.

Guys, the original post is really old, 10 years from today. Really impressed me, i just listed to this song "maybe" the first time in my life, I know the band and have admired them, but not sure i listened to this one so carefully like now. So what made me find your post is that i too got very attracted by the lyrics, how deep and romantic. So, the same thing happen to me, i think the lyrics are magical and was written by a genius love bird Emotion: wink - honestly you will not believe, not sure, probably it is the mood or the kind of life i am living now, being betrayed by so many people and started to loose faith in love, and people. That made me get a complete different meaning from all of you. Now it is 2015 and the first impression was completely different from all of you 10 years or so back (this is it self is depressing) i thought the person who wrote the song was in love with a lady who came to find that she is "night lady" that is making love our of nothing at all. That she is can sleep with so many people and without having any thing at all. To him he seemed upset too in the song, so i though he is blaming her for being like that. but after read you, i opened my eyes and i realized how dirty now brains have become is this era. Well by then i had not seen the video but from what you wrote above, i agree with the last comment who says that the lady is still in love with him though he keeps going on and off and she still hang on. She amazes him the way i amazed you now this funny crazy thoughts and comment of mine Emotion: wink - have a nice evening. God bless you.
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This is how I understand the song. Most of their music is about upset love, this is a sad romantic song. I made love out of nothing at all with my ex for years. What a difference it makes to make love with love. And I'm not just talking sex.
I loved ur explanation as well!!
HE the singer don't understand how his girl could make love without any feelings for him
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that clearly explains it!
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