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The meaning of the song is so simple and I wonder why it is so hard for everyone to grasp it!

Most of the lyrics is about the singer bragging about his own good qualities in doing impressive things, but when it comes to chorus part, where he confesses that he is unable to do the thing his beloved one can do you suddenly realize that all the bragging was just for making a comparison. A comparison which degrades himself and all he can do against what his beloved has done all the time throughout their relationship: being loved when you don't deserve it, hence making love out of nothing (so nothing is referring to the singer himself or to their relationship).

In other parts he justifies his own love towards the loved one with many reasons and praises (beauty of loved one's hair, ability to make darkness into light and etc.). Yet he wonders how his beloved can "create and build" such a relationship (making love) with him while he lacks such splendid qualities.
This song is about loving someone so completely, but they are unattainable. "Making love out of nothing at all." Means to have a relationship with a person you do not love. So the man singing loves a woman so deeply, but for what ever reason, she is chasing another man or men, but feels no love for them. He wants her to be with him because he loves her where the man or men she has been with, have no love for her. It's a beautiful song.
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This is literally one of the most romantic songs ever written. He's giving her a list of everything he can do/understand but what he feels for her is so inexplicable. The line when he says that she's a beacon burning endlessly bright and he HAS to follow it because everything he knows is nothing until he gives it to her. He doesn't feel worthy of her love; he feels like nothing... but he's so compelled by her. So drawn to her. Nothing means anything without her.
I really think this interpretation is incredibly insightful. He knows how to play the game. He likes the game and is good at it but despite himself, has feelings for her... now he doesn't know what to do with them. How does she do it? She creates love from nothing. It is so simple for her. It just is. He is calculated and prepared. He knows how to do a lot of things, he can make all the stadiums rock, etc. but doesn't know what to do with all this. Despite his pretending, and his games, he is fighting his feelings. He wants to believe there is nothing there but there is, to his surprise.
Thank you for your post. I thought I was the only one who had got the bitterness "he loves her but she is sleeping without him without any feelings" but your post added a twist that was obviously there in the lyrics but noone else seems to be able to "read". He is a fake, a trickster. And I think he is amazed by her, how she beats him in his own game. And she beats him cuz he starts feeling things for her and he sees in her an opportunity to perhaps live something different; he is even ready to crawl. It is indeed a sad, sad song.. I now love it even more!

Thanks again for this eye opener (after more than 30 years hahaha)r9hbw
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This is the most accurate explanation. It is all about a typical womanizer, master in the arts of making women fall in love without any intention to start any serious relationship. But the difference between this womanizer from others is that fate faked him; fate played it better and now he has feelings he himself cannot explain since he never felt that way before. This is exactly what makes this song meaningful and I guess, this is a fair way to make womanizers pay for their actions.
Im from Malaysia and was born on the 80's.... but first time i listen to this song is when im about to "make love" with my girl in my car.... accidentally this song juz popup out of my radio from the cd's that i bought recently. .. from that moment i love this song very much...
Unfortunately my girlfriend died couple years ago... i cried everytime i listen to this song... i hope she still remember this song... not in heaven but in her otherlife with someone else.... she left me for another man.. by my term, she's dead already.... tq... hope that will make u day... #itsatruestory
This is the EXACT interpretation I get from it. Beautiful yet sad song. Sad for the person who has voided themselves of feelings and sad for the girl who fell in love with someone emotinally unavailable
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I really love your interpretation or explanation of the meaning of this song. I always liked this song but never understood what he was trying to say.
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