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Best explanation! You opened my mind about the real meaning of this song!
Wow, I think you've seriously misinterpreted this song, man. Read the lyrics, they're all saying that with all the things he can do, he is nothing without the one he's singing to. "But I'm never gonna make it without you, do you really want to see me crawl' is about as far from your interpretation of very negative as one could get, I think. I'd say the meaning of the title is referring to either that the singer is nothing without the subject of the song, or the subject created lo e in him where none has ever been. I tend to think the latter.
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Don't be disappointed... this song isn't about one night stands... It's It's about being with someone you can't quite seem to leave... so you stay together even though the relationship is over, so when you make love, there are no feelings... It is sad, but so many people are in this situation...
The way i see it, this guy love the woman so much. But the woman didnt love him like he does. This guy is so into her that he said he dont know how to leave her. its still a romantic song though.

I see it as this. The singer is completely in love with the girl, but she does not share the same feelings for him, hence the line, "And I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all." This hit too close to home for me about 27 years ago when I was engaged, and found out that my fiancée didn't share the same feelings, but still wanted the sex. I was crushed. Also, Graham Russell did not pen the lyrics to this song. The songwriter was none other than Jim Steinman of Meat Loaf fame.

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I agree. This what i understood.
This is the best explanation of this song i've found to date! Thank you!
Bamboo And LotusHi
i first heard this song when I saw the film:'Click'. Its name is' Making love out of nothing at all'. I have liked it since then. I like the melody and I found the lyrics meaningful. I have always thought that' making love out of nothing at all' in this song means: to make a love from nothing at all. But unfortunately, yesterday when I looked up in the' oxford dictionary for advanced learners', 'make love' has only one meaning:' to have sex'! So the phrase means: 'to have sex for no reason'? In my culture, it is quite offensive if you use that word in a song.. I was really disappointed and upset, as with that meaning the song means almost nothing to me. Moreover,in my opinion, if that phrase refers to 'have sex', it doesn't match with the rest of the song. Could you please tell me what does the phrase and the song mean. I really don't want to be rude, i just want to know exactly what the artist want to say.
Here is the lyrics
Artist: Air Supply
Song title: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
I know just how to whisper
and I know just how to cry;
I know just where to find the answers; and I know just how to lie.
I know just how to fake it
and I know just how to scheme;
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream.
And I know just where to touch you
and I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
and I know when to let you loose.
And I know the night is fading
and I know that time's gonna fly;
And I'm never gonna tell you ev'rything I've got to tell you
But I know I've got to give it a try.
And I know the roads to riches
and I know the ways to fame;
I know all the rules and then I know how to break them
And I always know the name of the game.
But I don't know how to leave you
and I'll never let you fall;
And I don't know how you do it
making love out of nothing at all.
Making love - out of nothing at all
Making love - out of nothing at all
Making love - out of nothing at all
Making love - out of nothing at all. . . .
Ev'ry time I see you all the rays of the sun
Are streaming through the waves in your hair;
And ev'ry star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes
Like a spotlight.
The beating of my heart is a drum
And it's lost and it's looking for a rhythm like you.
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright.
I've got to follow it
'cause ev'rything I know
it's nothing 'til I give it to you.
I can make the run or stumble
I can make the final block;
And I can make every tackle
at the sound of the whistle
I can make all the stadiums rock.
I can make tonight forever
Or I can make it disappear by the dawn;
And I can make you every promise
That has ever been made
And I can make all your demons be gone.
With god I'll never gonna make it without you
Do you really want to see me crawl ?
And I never gonna make it like you do
Making love out of nothing at all.
Making love - out of nothing at all
. . .
Making love - out of nothing at all
. . .
Making love - out of nothing at all


I didn't watch the movie, video clips or any other play about this song accept the singer sings or any band group. But I want to share my Personal understanding on this song. From the start it already stated clearly that the singer knows almost everything that he have / need to do and willing to do just for his partner. But the only thing he Cannot do is to be in the relationship without love, to go through days and nights together without any feelings .. And I relate Making Love strongly with sex but its sex with feelings, full of emotions, beautiful feeling that's what makes love is. Though basically sex is sex but whats the feeling you have there makes the difference. "I know just how to Fake it" tells that the singer even can fake a smile? Fake at the end of your love making session Out of nothing at all define the other party part In the relationship. Where the partner is able to do all the things couples do but with no Love.

Could be One sided love. Or love that already faded.

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Wow thats really similar thinking style as mine however stated differently yet it completely made sense for me I understood then to come together and I appreciate that insight.
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