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It is good to use a Dictionary for reference, but you must consider that words change meaning over time. ' Make love' may only have one meaning today, but during the time the song was written which was almost four decades ago the phrase 'Make love' can be in sentences with a meaning not referring to sex.

You are a genious!

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Yes I think you've nailed it! I've been looking for explanations of this song and this is the only one that makes sense.. thank you.

Thanks so much for your explanation.


In my opinion, the song begins in a negative light.

If you look at the lyrics closely, you’ll pick up that it’s quite conversational, as if he were telling his lover what he knows and doesn't know.

At the beginning, he is telling her that he knows just how to entice her and how to make her fall in love with him—even if he doesn't reciprocate the feelings.

But then he changes direction: “And I know the night is fading. . . I know I gotta give it a try.” This means, to me, that he is trying to tell her that she has somehow managed to wrap him around her finger.

In the lyrics that follow, you can pick up the negative verses and the positive verses that compliment each other. This could mean, that however much negativity and staged-love he brings to the relationship, she somehow manages to turn it into something meaningful and positive between the two.

She somehow manages to add substance to a relationship that he never thought could have substance.

I think that it's a slow progression of his feelings from being fake to genuine.

As the line says: "But I don't know how to leave you. . . Do you really wanna see me crawl,” he is telling her that he cannot leave her even if he wanted to because those feelings that were fake are suddenly becoming real and frightening.

"Making love out of nothing at all" could mean that no matter how fake he may make the relationship seem, his lover still manages to take that fakeness and turn it into something of substance (“You can take the darkness from the pit of the night and turn it into a beacon burning endlessly bright"). This quality of hers ultimately pulls him in, and he becomes entinced by her—eventually acknowledging that he has started to develop genuine feelings for her.

Honestly, the song is one of great difficulty to understand.

But it's more than a romantic plea from one lover to the other.

As I've said before, he starts off negatively by listing how he can 'con' a woman into falling in love with him without getting attached to her himself. Then he proceeds on to say that no matter how fake the relationship is, and his actions are, his lover somehow manages to take that and turn it into something of substance which she adds to the relationship. This, therefore, begins to entince him and he realizes the beauty that she possesses (both physically and from within). Therefore, this leads to the positive aspects, that he lists in between the negative, which tell us that he genuinely admires those things about her and that he realizes just how much he actually needs her.

He is technically telling her that for him, it had started as a game, that he didn't want to get too attached. But when he realized how his lover had artfully found ways to add substance and meaning to the relationship, he had begun falling in love with her.

Simply, he does not understand where she had gotten the meaning and substance that she had added to a meaningless 'fling.' Clip_XXXX_180107_234245_320->
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I have a different opinion here.

First of all, from philospophical point of view, there is a difference between "make something out of something" and "make something out of nothing".
In Christianity God created the world, and there was nothing before God. He created the world out of nothing.
On the other hand, in Hinduism, Brahma created the world using already existing primary elements such as earth element. So, he made it out of something.
Having this in mind, we can say that Air Supply is saying, "I know all these things, but I don't know how you made love out of nothing at all". And again, he was saying, "I can do all these things, but I can't do like you can make love out of nothing at all".

thanks for it~~~ i heard this songs when i was 14(1994). now i know the meaning of

"Making love Out of nothing at all"

thanks for that....from Emily


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Hi, I'm a Japanese. My interpretation of Making Love Out Of Nothing At All is that she cheats (having sex with other man or men whom she does NOT LOVE) on him everytime he's gone and he's upset and angry about it everytime he finds out about her cheating but he can't leave her because he love her to death.

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