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Hi, again. I'm just making some corrections and additions on what I just wrote.

Rightdown here, you have it.

Hi, I'm a Japanese. My interpretation of Making Love Out Of Nothing At All is that she cheats (having sex with another man or other men whom she does NOT LOVE) on him everytime he's gone away for his work and he's upset and angry about it everytime he finds out about her cheating but he can't leave her because he loves her to death. It seems he's telling her his confession of his deep love for her and his asking to her to love him back the same, but it can also be just his imagination. In other words, she may already love someone else and he hasn't realized that, yet. The reason why I think that is if she can have sex with someone whom she doesn't love, then she can also have sex with someone whom she loves as well. He's telling like she really is making love out of nothing at all but you never know. Nothing is as it seems and human hearts are too complicated to predict and on top of that, love is invisible to the naked eye. Thank you for reading!

Making love out of nothing at all

tells about a cheater/ player that can draw you close to him and make love to you and also that can let you loose and play the field yet his feelings for you are so strong that he cannot leave you completely. Now when he says “i don’t know how you do it making love out of nothing at all” is interpreted as he gives her nothing... no respect, no faithfulness, no ..... but yet she gives him the best loving and he cannot understand how she does it.

Sad to say that I heard this song on the series Black List and I decided to take a closer look at the lyrics and realized that I at one time made love out of nothing at all.

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Your interpretation of the song is really brilliant, thanks so much