I will try to explain that I never said I think biology is a necessary condition for determining that a particular suffering is a disease. I will then try to explain that nonetheless the biology thing is the myth that gives us confidence in what doctors tell us, and that the DSM is an attempt to command confidence by suggesting that psychiatry knows more than it does. I will try to invoke history, the way that the DSM-III was a response to a crisis of confidence. I may even invoke David Brooks, who accused psychiatry of having Physics Envy. But I probably won’t get far, since this is a hard one to get into NPR-=sound-bite shape.

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NPR = National Public Radio. This is a broadcast network in the US that does not have paid commercials. It is supported by the donations of the listeners. They have a lot of interviews and news stories.

sound-bite - a very short, pithy speech that captures the essence of a topic or position. A sound-bite is typically less than 15 seconds.
A sound bite is a short segment of speech by a celebrity, authority, politician, etc., used by TV and radio to catch the listener's ear. NPR is National Public Radio, an American institution notorious for its liberal and intellectual bent, deservedly or not. He would like to summarize his position so succinctly and cogently that it would make a good sound bite for NPR.
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Thank you both. Does "get into NPR-=sound-bite shape" mean "make NPR-=sound-bite better"?
NL888 Thank you both. Does "get into NPR-=sound-bite shape" mean "make NPR-=sound-bite better"?
"NPR-sound-bite shape" mean the shape (condition or form) appropriate for broadcast over an NPR radio station as a sound bite.
NL888 Does "get into NPR-=sound-bite shape" mean "make NPR-=sound-bite better"?
Note that the equals sign (=) is a mistake. It should read "NPR-sound-bite".
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NL888 Thank you both. Does "get into NPR-=sound-bite shape" mean "make NPR-=sound-bite better"?
No. To get (something) into shape means to change it into the desired form or format.

I am working out every day at the gym to get into shape. (I want my body to be muscular and lean, with a pleasing shape. )

To change a speech into the shape of a sound-bite, you have to make it short, dynamic and memorable. That is sometimes very difficult to do.
Thank you all.

PS. Does "who accused psychiatry of having Physics Envy" mean "who criticized that psychiatry has its admiration for Physics/biological evidence"?
The way I read it, he is saying that the psychiatric profession is envious of "proper" sciences such as physics, implying that psychiatry itself is not a "proper" science.
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