When he said ''leadership is related entirely to hierarchy level: Leadership is what the alphas do and management is what the betas do.''

please I need an explanation and I will be so thankful


the highest ranking men and women


men and women who rank just below the alphas




There is a branch of scientific study of the kind of animal that forms a social group, seemingly in the same way that humans do. Mainly, that study is of apes, such as orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees

From this kind of study, some people find that there are different 'ranks' within a group - male and female - and they are typically named the alpha, beta and omega ranks

In a very simplistic way, the 'alpha' is like the prime minister in a group of chimpanzees, say; then the 'beta' is important, but less so; and so on

It is tempting, then, to apply that kind of thinking to human beings. That's what is happening in the sentence that you have asked about

It's not an idea that, to my mind, works all that well - but that is what your writer is thinking of


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The best explanation

thank you very very much for your generosity in your answer <333

I got it thank you very much <3

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