a medium apple counts as 1 cup of fruit, so after eating one you’re well on your way to meeting your daily fruit quota
i don't understand the meaning of the phrase "be well on one's way"
i need your help.thanks a lot.
To be "on one's way" refers to making a trip. "I'm on my way" means I have started my trip. This metaphorical "trip" is the daily trip from "no fruit" to "fruit quota eaten". Finally, "WELL on my way" means I've made a significant part of the trip already.
Hello, Yingyuge:

To be well on one's way = to be progressing well in reaching your goal.

Let's say that you should have 3 cups of fruit each day.  Well, if a medium apple counts as one cup, then that means you have already eaten 1/3 of the amount of the fruit that you should eat each day.

On a more serious note, I have read that country X has really changed in recent months. Political prisoners have been

released, honest elections have been held, and freedom of the press is allowed.  It appears that country X is well on its way

to democracy.
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