I would like to know what 'pretty as ***' means. I know it is rude, but I don't know what it means exactly. Is it good or bad?? A compliment or an insult?? I found it in a song by Placebo. Thanks for your help.

Greetings form Chile.
A piece of s hit is not at all pretty for a vast percent of the world population, thence it is an insult. For a more exact meaning you should provide the context.
It seems to be 'pretty as ***', rather than pretty as '***'.

'As ***' is usually an intensifier of the adjective: 'stupid as ***', 'hard as ***', etc., meaning 'extremely stupid', 'extremely hard' respectively.

In this instance, however, there seems to be an element of irony in the lyric. I would say it was an insulting compliment.

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I think it means extremely pretty. I don't think it's meant to be an ironic insulting compliment, it's just a figure of speech.
Thank you all for your help.

Here's the context "You look well suited like you came to win / Lust, spite and malice, your degrees of sin / Cruising for pity and looking pretty as *** / Ace take your chances / Queen wish you luck".

Thanks for making clear the intensifier status of 'as ***'. I think that, considering the context, it is a compliment which is not ironic at all (as the Guest said). I don't know if I'm right (a possibility considering I'm not a native speaker of Eng). But I think we are pretty closeEmotion: wink .

Sorry for not providing the context before.
Maybe we should all do some field research and try it out on some girls we know.

Will report back when I get out of hospital...

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What the saying means is that a girl is very very hot. F*k is an adjetive and a verb just depending on the usage. So when someone says such and such is blank as f*k it is takes the noun to the extreme.

eg. She is ugly as fuck = really ugly girl

She is pretty as fuck = hot chick

he is fast as fuck = really fast dude.
it just mean that your really really pretty its not a insult it is a complement.
Just a similar example, I read it in a novel. "She goes out with a shit hot salesman, who is rich as fuck."

It was a compliment, too... Emotion: smile
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