There is definitely a difference between having hope that something unrealistic is going to happen and hoping for something that is within reality. A large part of it is being willing to work towards the goal you’re hoping for. You can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. There are some people who hope for things that are unlikely to happen….like winning the lottery. That is definitely not hope. I’m going to share this with people I love and care about. We all know this stuff in our gut, but it’s great to have it reinforced in such an entertaining way! Thanks again for another informative and fun article.

What does thet word 'gut' mean in this context? What is the writer refering to?

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inner feeling, intuition
in this context
Thanks for replying to post, Marius Hancu. But I still don't quite understand what does it mean by that. Could you please explain a bit?

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What you feel without thinking too much.
Go to your native language dictionary for intuition.
A "gut feeling" is an instinctive response to something.

My gut feeling is that the sun will not blow up tomorrow.

We all know this stuff in our gut

In simple terms, your 'gut' means your stomach. The idea is that we feel things instinctively in our stomachs, eg if we get really bad news we get a bad feeling in our stomach.

'Gut' feelings are often thought to reflect our true feelings more than the way we think about things in our brains.

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Thanks for all your help, Clive, Feebs11 and Marius Hancu.Emotion: smile I think I have an idea of what it means now. Emotion: wink

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