She noticed that someone had left a present for her right by the trunk. --> What does it mean?

thank you...
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She discovered/became aware that someone had put a gift for her near by the wooden box.

Someone had put a present for her (something you offer to someboby) close to the "ancestor of the suitcases".
thank you for your help byee..
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... unless she has a pet elephant.

BTW, MM, you seem to have ... uh ... aged some overnight? (I liked the frog better Emotion: crying )
That's what 5000+ posts does to you, Pieanne, so beware-- you only have about a thousand to go.

PS: The frog is for sale, if you need an avatar.
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It could also be the trunk of a car, couldn't it?
Is it expensive, MM? (it's second hand, now...)
As long as we're talking trunks...maybe the gift was left by the trunk of the Christmas tree.
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