I hereby release directors, officers, agents and employees, of any causes of action, claims, debts, contracts and agreements which I or my heirs may have for any cause up to this date, including any and all claims relating to or arising out of my employment and / or termination of employment.

What does this sentence mean? How do "the any causes of action", or "claims", or "debts" relate to him or his heirs? does he or his heirs owes to others or others owe to him? Why does he repeat the "claims"? does the former "claims" have the same meaning with the latter?
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I think it means that the person won't ever take legal action against the company or directors etc. So, if this is signed, they may not be able to sue for unfair dismissal, for example.
Thanks very much!
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It reads like a clause taken from an agreement to settle a claim.
It means the person(employee or former employee) signing the document will not hold his or her employer liable in any lawsuit involving the signing person's employment with or termination of employment with the employer. The heirs simply refers to the people who will inherit from the employee upon the employee's death. Consequently the employee and heirs can not sue the employer and its directors, officers, agents, or employees ffor any action involving the employee's employment or termination.
Do you know the context in which the clause appears? It seems to be that an employee left his job or was dismissed , perhaps with compensation , and the clause is designed to confirm that neither the employee , nor, in the event of his or her death, any heirs, will have the rights against the employers whether in the form of compensation or otherwise.
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but i dont understand cause i do have java and adobe flash player and its said that you either have javascript turned off or get the latset flash player
Thank you all for your help!
Perceived capacity or self-efficacy increases the intrinsic value of effort and contributes to the possibilities for a sense of collective capability or efficacy on the part of a group, as well.

What does this sentence mean? please help
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