Please, what's the meaning of the underlined word below? I found some meanings in my dictionary, but any of them fits in the context:

..."Every wakin' hour
I think about your silo by my side
And I can't wait much longer
Wanna show you how I feel for you tonight..."

[this is part of the lyrics "Saturday Night" from "The Underdog Project" group. In my dictionary the meanings I found for silo are:

- a trench, pit, or esp. a tall cylinder(as of wood or concrete) usu.sealed to exclude air and used for making and storing silage;
- a deep bin for storing material (as cement or coal);
- an underground structure for housing a guided missile].

Thanks for helping me,
actually, iam a biginner,
i doesn't know the perfect meanning.
They use a non-standard pronunciation for silo: see-lo -- so it could be something unrelated to the dictionary meaning.

You might try www.urbandictionary.com, and see what they say.
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I believe you have an incorrect lyric.
Try this:
Every week and hour, I think about you sitting right by my side
And I can´t wait much longer, wanna show you how I feel for you tonight

Here is where I found the lyric: http://www.elyrics.net/read/u/underdog-project-lyrics/saturday-night-lyrics.html
No, I heard it myself. The word silo (or something pronounced see-low) is in there somewhere - at approximately 1:13, below. Is see-low supposed to be heard as sitting right? Amazing! Even sitting alongis more believable. Emotion: smile

Thanks, Jim!

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Hi, RayH!

Thanks for the comment.

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Try listening again while reading along with this lyric.

There are definitely some differences between the lyric and the YouTube version but the part in question is not "silo" its more like "jeest you all by my side" sung very quickly and very sloppily pronounced. I had to listen several times to be sure.