I've noticed this word several times, but I've never found explanation in any dictionary.
Maybe it's taken from german language. Has this word the same meaning in english like in German?

Thank you
dude i use that word all the time, it means like super or extra awesome or likethat, as in "dude that pizza was uber tasty" and "whoa, that was some sick uber air you caught dog"
Well, Guest was right, it is slang for awesome..

German for the word "above", but more commonly used on the internet for being the best, the top, the supreme, the highest of highest.

There's a gourmet burger joint in Singapore called Uberburger, check it out if you don't mind paying S$101 for a hamburger. =p

sincerely, Pennycake
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I always use the word uber. like someone is uber smart, or uber cool. Im from southern california, so i use alot of weird words
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It is not English; it is indeed German, and means 'over'. As it is a reasonably well-known German word (as in 'Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles..', the anthem), an English speaker might use it in conversation.

Can you cite an instance?
Uebermensh?Emotion: smile
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Yes, I see it is now in Webster's Collegiate as a prefix. The examples given are:


Oh my lord. Give me patience.
Only instance I remember is: Über-tracker
Your wishes will be granted...
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A superior chocolate bar.

Emotion: pizza sorry, 's all I could get...
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