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Could anyone help me out with these expressions, please?
1) "If you don't have/have a white-out, never mind"
2) lose your shirt
3 )quit cold turkey or go cold turkey: what's the difference?
4) The company LETTER HEAD even looks ancient

Thank you.
1) "If you don't have/have a white-out, never mind"

White-out has two meanings.
A) In the old days of typewriters, white-out was a white liquid that came in a bottle with a little brush. If you typed the wrong letter, you could paint over it with white-out, and then type over the white-out with the right letter.

B) When it snows so hard that you cannot see ahead of you, you are in a white-out. It is a weather condition of thick snowfall.

2) You lose your shirt when you are gambling, and lose everything. When you have no more money, you take off your shirt, and lost that, too.

3) Quit cold turkey - when a person is addicted to cigarettes or drugs or alcohol, it means to suddenly stop smoking, doing drugs or drinking, not to stop slowly.

4) The Letterhead is the pre-printed title on company stationery. It has the company name, address, etc.
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Thanks a millions!
One more question, are they synonyms

go cold turkey and quit cold turkey?

I've heard both expressions, but "(He tried to) quit cold turkey" much more frequently.
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Thank you very much!