I found this Czech YouTuber and his name is "ShadeTemny". The thing that I find interesting is, that the first part of the name is English, while the second part is Czech.

So I wonder, what would the name sound like for an English speaker who doesn't understand Czech?
What associations does it evoke?
Does it feel weird in English?
Or does it remind you of some English word?
Bonus question: How would an English speaker pronounce it?

Being a native Czech speaker, I find myself unable to look at it from an English speaker's viewpoint. Thank you for your answers Emotion: smile

davecoffeeWhat associations does it evoke?

A modern African-American given name.

Temne is an African tribal name and language. Many modern African Americans make up names for their children based on what they imagine to be ancestral names.

Shade correlates, invoking a dark color. It is also an uncommon name.

davecoffeeBonus question: How would an English speaker pronounce it?


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