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I think Italy is fasinating.
Dear Faby,

I have many happy memories about my trips to Italy. In Italy, I feel I get to explore an excellent cuisine, and a splendid culture as far as works of art are concerned. I have also enjoyed traditional Italian hospitality and learnt how tolerant and friendly Italian people tend to be. Also, Italy has an exciting history which fascinates me and so many others.

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Glad to read that.
Italy won the World Cup 2006..Because of luck..Penalty shoot-out for a World Cup final?! Goodness gracious!
Hi Dee, this thread is supposed to be about Italy as a country, not Italy as a team; we've already talked about World cup a lot and too much, in my opinion, in the "Sport" forum; frankly I forgot the World cup the next day we won...it's time that everybody forget it everybody, because life isn't football... football just helps us to enjoy ourselves sometimes Emotion: smile

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Well, I was just saying..Don't worry, I'm not angry or something at their victory..It's only football anyway.. Emotion: wink
I'm sorry... where the hell did you go to see women with hairy armpits in Italy... at the zoo???
i like italy, i'm going to venice in a couple of weeks.

i know that the italian mail is really terrible, everything get's lost!
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Floxflowi know that the italian mail is really terrible, everything get's lost!

That's new to me, I've never had problems with mail Emotion: rolleyes
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