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Floxflow is right. I live in Genova and my girlfriend sent me a gift from Los Angeles on April 2006. I had the code of the package so I could track it. It arrived in Italy after one week. According to italian post office, my gift was in Milan. I received it in November 2006, when actually I had lost all hopes to receive it. It wasn't lost, but it's not normal anyway.

Fortunately things like these don't happen often!
Well, I think Italy is a marvellous country. Lots of sun, sea, and salt air. All Italian people I've met so far are pretty friendly and smiling. Besides, I've studied a little bit of Italian language, and my motto is Il cielo è sempre più blu! Emotion: smile (The sky is always more blue.)
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i've send postcards once, they never arrived.

and if you go to ebay or sites like that, they never want to send anything to italy.
It's still strange to me, in fact I had a lot of mail exchanges with the USA because of work..and my friends regularly buy on e-bay without any problem. I must say that you have been very unlucky Emotion: sad
Anyway let's change topic Emotion: smile this is not a thread regarding the Italian mail, is it? Emotion: wink
People think as us fat, rude and stuff. That's bull ***. even in school they would pull out the Mario and Luigi *** and yeah. we are great people
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abc123The first thing that comes to my mind is that Italian women don't shave their armpits. Ladies get those blades out - nothing more unattractive than a woman with a jungle under her arms.
Because maybe you are stuck on movies from the fifties, showing the post-war Italian landscape...
Bit is not true! The woman in Italy shave their armpits
What! it's not true! I'm Italian and I can assure you that we all shave our armpits . Hahahah yuck
Ciao a tuttiEmotion: smile
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Probably they met ignorant people.

I'm italian, and here the people in general is very curious about strangers.
Come to italy, we're not like this!
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