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Who told you that? It's completely false! Italian women shave like any other woman on this planet.
I think Italian food is the most delicious of European cuisines. Emotion: pizza
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What? This was 50 years ago! Now it's gross
Come on...It was a joke!!
Thank you!Emotion: happy
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Being illiterate is better than being ignorant. Italy destroyed through the Vatican a lot that what was left form antiquity. They copied Greek architecture and even worshiped Greek gods. In all their history there is not a single mathematician and their food is a copy of all Mediterranean cuisine. Lets say that yes maybe the renaissance gave a bit of hope to the middle ages but come on still a copy of greek sculpture and love of their Greek heritage.

Lame and cowards in contemporary history and masochistic and cruel throughout the history of Rome.

Please read some books and do see how they treated their slaves and how many people where tortured in their arenas. HORRIBLE TERRIBLE LOSERS

Its not a monument to western civilization but a disgrace. As far as Argentina yes a lot of fascist Italians and Germans found a home there.

What you are saying it's absurd and not true!!! Italian women are very beautiful and take care about themselves. They are refined and follow fashion and ladies are very youthful.


Thank God better than Swiss experience🤣
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