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haha Emotion: big smile
It's not possible as they've already seen me but not you! so, it's up to you to post a picture of yours!
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[<:o)] Yup twin! Why don'T you share your pretty face with the others all over the world?
to dj : twin?????

and u 2 italians! u 2 are cool each other:)
Ville_maddengurlto dj : twin?????

and u 2 italians! u 2 are cool each other:)
Here we go... Merve's getting jealous... Emotion: big smile
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OK, I will not use that word again..
Emotion: sadI hoped at least in a fight... Emotion: big smile
sure but i just wanna say the word is just SOOOO important 4 me and u 2 call as another word each other PLEASE[Y]
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I daresay everybody will agree that Italy is a fabulous country. Now then, I would like to express my infinite admiration for italian cuisine. Nearly all of what I tend to eat is composed of italian food: pizza, spagheti, capuccino, espresso, all sorts of pasta... Every time I pop out to the local pizaria for a slap-up meal, I tell myself: "God bless those who conceived such goodies."

PS: terribly sorry for any misspellings of italian words, I couldn't find an appropriate dictionary to look them up...
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