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Yeah, I like his celebration fashion after scoring a goal.Emotion: wink
it's not true .....the italian women shave their armipits ....where did you hear this falk thing?????????????? i think italy is beautiful ..i saw Rome, Milan , Venice, Florence, Naple ....All of this cities are amazing ...the food is the best in the world ..and fashion is fantastic ... believe me!!!!! culture is brilliant!!!!! ciao bellissimi bacio Angy
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i only know that pizza is wonderful,it is very tasty..mmmm.. i adore..thank you for inventing pizza Emotion: big smile
Romulus and Remus, Colosseum,Petrarch,Michaelangelo,Leonardo da Vinci , Galileo ,Gondola,Vesuvius ,Herculaneum ,Pompeii ,Mazzini, Garibaldi,Mussolini ,Roman Holiday, beautiful girls, pizza,Mediterranean sea etcEmotion: big smile
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only pizza is enough for me to like Italy and Italians Emotion: big smile
Glad to hear that but, in faith, u have to visit it to believe how much beautiful and special it is.Emotion: smile
I have never been to Italy but I wonder so much especially Venice. Italian foods are very delicious and if I had a chance one day to go abroad I would go Italy
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Yeh yeh yeh Italy, Sicily. With easy words Italy is very romantic country.
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