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The first thing comes to my mind:

Florence .... very terrific place i really want to visit it

Venice.. i've read an article which stated that Venice is going to sink ...



Mafia oops it's originally because of "God Father"Emotion: wink
Mythical LadyVenice.. i've read an article which stated that Venice is going to sink ...

You're right the city is actually sinking,this is why the government is searching a way to save it...with no results.. Emotion: indifferent

Just to avoid to be out of topic,I like my country. Emotion: big smile
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Well, actually is quite impossible to find an italian woman (especially the younger women and girls) who doesn't shave, because they all do, and it's much easier to see something like that in the north, for example many Scandinavian girls don't shave their legs so often and that is terrible!!
buffon-corruption-papa-venedik-mafia affairs-berlusconi (he is my idol:P)-pasta-pizza and so forth
Sorry Janissary, but what's that "Venedik"? I'm italian and I've never heard it? Is it maybe "Venice" in your own language?Emotion: rolleyes
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In Turkish we say Venedik to Venice. I think Janissary wants to say Venice...
exactly Emotion: smile
very nice
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Here U can see a picture I took on first day of spring in my city, Naples. I really love it. Do u like it? Really hope so.

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