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I'm ROBIN. Can anybody say the meaning of my name.

my name is Büşra its Arabic and its meaning good news Emotion: smile
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Hello Friends,

My name means New Moon

Emotion: smile
How did you find that out???? [:^)]
my parents got my name from the movie shakazulu and named my Nandi just because they liked it,

i found out a couple of years ago that my name (Nandi) is the name of a bull, witch the god Shiva drove on. According to the cultur of India.

I'm not sure if i have to be happy or ashamed about this..
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Hi,everyone,my name is Ren zeyu.

you know the first leader of China-Mao?He's name is Mao zedong,means:Mao will makes the east better(Mao is his family name,and ze is mean to makes something better,and dong is east)and another leader is Jiang zeming,he is lead China in 2000,he's name means:Jiang will makes the people better.(ming means people)

and my name,yu is means Universe,so my name means that:I can make the universe better!pretty fun,isn't it?
Hi , my name is Yazeed , it mean'' increase'', strange!! its a verb hhahahahaha.

it also th name of some of arabic leaders in the Amawyiah Empire.

Alharbi means my war

Thanks for the perfect subject.

yours faithfully:

Yazeed Alharbi.
can you tell me what does my name LaJoyce means and what does it represents to me in both greek or french?
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My name is Irene. It's a Greeck name which means "peace".
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