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My name means "Barbarian." Or so my mother has told me Emotion: stick out tongue

Not really. It just means "Stranger," or "person from another land."
And my name "Francesca" (yes, my nickname is also my name Emotion: stick out tongue) means girl who comes from France Emotion: smile
So people who think I'm from France aren't so wrong Emotion: wink
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Mine means 'the blessed one'. So true! Emotion: smile
My name is John. It is an English name based on the Hebrew name Yochanan. It means "Yahweh [God] is merciful". Many people (most who have known me since childhood) call me "Johnny" as a nickname. Another nickname for John is "Jack", but in recent times it has become common for parents to give their sons that name outright. People often confuse my name with "Jonathan", which is actually a completely different name. Much of the confusion results from the fact that many Jonathans go by the nicknames "Jon" or "Jonny". Some also choose alternate spellings such as "Johnathan". While both names are orginally Hebrew, Jonathan is actaully an elongated version of "Nathan". It comes from the name Yehonatan, meaning "Yahweh has given".

In English, some feminine variations of the name John include: Jane, Jan, Janet, Jean, Joan, or Joanne.

Also, because John is a biblical name, it can be translated into many different languages. Some examples are:

Arabic - Yahya

French - Jean

German - Jan, Johann, Johannes (Hans)

Irish - Sean

Italian - Giovanni (Gianni)

Portuguese - João

Russian - Ivan

Scottish - Ian

Spanish - Juan

Welsh - Evan, Owen
arabic month
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Well, i would love to know what my name means though... How can i find out??

Thank you,

Marlaina McCready
It means desire...Yuck! Emotion: big smile
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My name's Pattaraporn. It's Thai.

Guess , It means beautiful lady. HE HE HE

It really mean like that ,though.
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