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Kdkd Here is a website for finding the etymology (history and meaning) of lots of names:

http://behindthename.com /
Wow, that's great site!

My name's Rachel, which means "ewe" in Hebrew. baaa
Yo,I always thought that my name meant "poet",but stay too long in Canada,and they say it's an Italian phrase..."out go",or as we would say it,"go out".
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Hi my name is Lucas and my name has three meaning: "come from Lucania" (region in ancient Rome), bringing a light or giving a light. This is my justification: etymology this word is from Greek - Lukas and Latin - Lucanus. And this words connection with noun lukanum which means daybreak, finally lukanum come from latin - lux which means light.
See you
My name is Avàn, not any specially meaning I think, name is just a symbol for others to remember oneself. lol

Et j'aime mon nom...
my name is dilek and it means "desire" or "wish"
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aham... my name's Burcu. im a Turk and my name is naturally Turkish! ... anyway. it means "scent."
Just so you know that we named our son AVAN. We actually didn't find it in any book. This was after my brother Evan. All our other children's names started with A so we named him Avan.
My name means peace and quiet... I THINK!! My name is Amanda
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Amanda comes from the latin verb "amo" that means "loving"; amandus-amanda-amandum is the gerundive and means "who must be loved"
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