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I'd love someone to answer this question.

There is someone at our work with the first name 'Sary'. No one has ever heard this name before and I would love to know the origins of it. It sounds indian, but the person doesn't look very Indian !
what does taintless mean
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My name is nevay and it means new moon
My name is Margherita and it means "pearl"
kenndra what does that mean
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Kenndra means 'Greatest champion'.

My name is Alka and it means noble and brilliant.
my name is Cem. it means "meeting" in arab language. And it's brother's name of Sultan of Ottoman Empire- Mehmet II (conqueror of Istanbul in 1453).
Hello Canisloopus.

Are we related?
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Conus LotusHello Canisloopus.

Are we related?
no!! but, why did you ask?
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