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Jiawen(chinese name):Jia means great,Wen means beautiful clouds......
In my mother tongue, dung means a face. But in English, it doesn't has a really good meaning! And that's my name!!!
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good afternoon

my name mean in english is (Mercy)

~~~~~~~~~~hi muh names Tiffany....so i just basicly wanna know what muh name means..again muh names Tiffany~~~~~~~~~~~~~=]½

God!Nearly all Burcus are here.Emotion: big smileEmotion: stick out tongueMy name is Burcu,too.
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Sarah is Hebrew for Princess from what I understand. However, that extra j at the end is just for good measure;)
my name is 斌.

it means the ability to handle both the act work and the physical things.
My nickname myle is derivated by my real name. "My" is the first part of my real name and "Le" a part of my surname. I would like to pronounce it as "miele" but that makes me think of a washing machine. I didn't like mile because common words cannot be trademarked Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile (that's why we write it Blu-ray instead of Blue) and I didn't know that there is the name "Myles" somewhere in the world.
Elpidamy name is Elpida, it's greek and it means hope
It's a really nice name Elpida. In Greece, there are names like Hope, Love, Peace etc and have their own saints.
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My name is Ozhan. it meansperson have relationship(like relative) with Khan

*as you know khan was used for as king or sultan in eastern cultures
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