Hi pp I brought this topic and I hope we'll get benefit.

we know Paul, Sara, Khan, Emily, Antonio, Khaled Just as names referring to a specific people in our minds, but do we know what do they mean. I really like to know their meanings since we cannot find them in a dictionary, so can we share our knowledge please.

My name is Thamir(Arabic name) and it means: fruitful, productive, and tielding, but I don't know if its origin is Arabic or another culture.

so what does your name mean?
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Sorry guys, I think this topic is already posted in the forum, but I didn't realize that. can anyone delete this one.
my name is sharee' and that is hebrew.
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what does alicia mean?
My real name is " Patawee " that mean earth element in english
My name is " Burcu " the mean is good smell
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Always thought that my name comes from Hebrew and means "cactus" (at least, that's what I've always been told!)

Just a week in the UK, and they say it's a Latin form for their "River Severn" ...

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what does the name amity mean
My full name is Bui Manh Toan. Toan means always victory by anyway. Hope this become truth:D
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