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Good luck with your work Nona... Well it is so sad that this year, New Year's day is actually a Sunday; we won't have an extra day off...Emotion: sad

Sweet Desert, I don't want to be a burden with so many questions, but if you do know that thing added to tea, please let me know...ugh, I don't know why I am so obsessed with tea nowadays
Hena dear, not at all, actually I've been enjoying your thread, so thank you. Don't get upset because you can't stop drinking tea, have you any British ancestors?! joking.Emotion: smile It might be salvia or mint ( they are almost the same) and these are the things I usually use , I wish to taste this jasmine tea, would you send me some by emailEmotion: embarrassed.
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Take it from me that, beer is far more enjoyable than tea. As for me at the moment... Well I've got a horrible lot of work to be done. An excruciatingly tedious essay is waiting for it's thesis. And as usual I've drawn a blank, can't come up with something meaningful...
At this moment I'm sitting in the den in my house, by the fire, on the computer... quite toasty.

Off to my left I'm sort of half-watching 'The Story of English' on the television... Later I'll have a glass of milk and head off to bed...

My current location: Lancaster, KY, USA - pop. 4,000Emotion: big smile
At this very moment??? Well, I'm typing my reply to this thread, and I'm thinking of a way to skip today's classes. (I'm supposed to hand in an assignment I didn't .....start yet).
Right now I just had a sip of my tea...Talking about tea, I read something in this thread about Saudi tea. TSD, would you tell us how you guys make it? I used to drink some at a friend's. When I'm through with Eng Forums, I'll watch "The merchant of Venice". I finally found it at the British Council Library. Language_lover told me it's interesting. Later at night I'll call my dad, my sister and... xyz,just to hear their voices.

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Hi adomi,

May I ask what you are studying? TSD mentioned some kind of the with mint flavor, but the tea I had didn't have mint flavor, and that thing they put in it was a small round plant. It did taste great [Y]
Right this moment, I'm wondering which movie to watch,'Erin Brokovich' or 'Saving Private Ryan'. I'm also thinking if I should call up a friend tonight.

Do you have a third option? Neither of those movies is good.Emotion: stick out tongue
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It is ( mint ) Hena , that is what is usually added to tea for flavour..

as far as what i am doing ; I just ate , then I looked at TV. programs and found nothing interesting ,so I turned to this pc and found you asking all these questions...

now that I contributed ...it is asta lavesta senurita..
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