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Right now I'm wishing I hadn't stubbed my toe on the bed. It's amazing how much pain can come from such a small part of your body.
Oh your poor toe. That always hurts so much.

I've been putting a plaster on my finger as I somehow managed to peel a big strip of skin right off just running my hand down the banisters! So now I'm wasting time before I go to bed as I'm BORED but I do have a busy day tomorrow so I need to get some shut-eye. I'm really just relaxing as some guests have ljust eft and I can stop running around with food and drinks and things. Been checking my e-mails (I've had two work related ones arrive this evening....who works on a Sunday night?!) and mooching around on here.
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What am I doing? I've signed up for an economics class and now I'm getting ready to do the first assignment, but it looks so boring I end up visiting EF instead! (Bad girl...)
Right now, I'm thinking how good it is to be with family and friends on special occasions and to share happy events with them....Yeah I know I sound sad, that's because today I really am.
Adomi, now you made me sad too. Please cheer up...Think positive...You at least have a family, and seems like a good one. Why not try calling them?

I hope you see them soon...Emotion: smile
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Now i am at work.. i am having a break.. i am Egyptian.. at this moment iam searching for more information about Dave Pelzer's book "A man named dave" it looks very interesting. At the same time i am listening to some music and looking for more information about selfdevelopment and motivational tools.

Someone was talking about writing a marketing brochure i love marketing i hope i could work on this field soon; anyways could you just tell me more about the basics for writting a brochure to promote a specific product.

Rania Gamal
23 years
I'm at home now in Rapallo Italy, have finish my lunch with my lover and son. My son is playing now while my lover is setting his computer beside me,am in front of my pc chatting with friends on my yahoo messager also viewing today's post.[K]
i bought sum toys(star wars) and i m playing with themEmotion: big smile
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Wow is getting to lunch time, the meal is not ready! and am hungry Emotion: sad.
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