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i have a saree:)my dad bought it from kuw8...u can find there the best sarees:)
I have about 6 or 7 sarees of my own, apart from my Mom's which are now mine(there are too many of those to count!).

I really enjoy wearing them. I'll try to get a pic of me in a saree here some day.

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i m gonna wear my saree too and take sum pics:)
I didn't have class this afternoon so I came down here to English up a bit. Luckyly I came across Savvy on the messenger, and I'm having a nice chat with her. Now the girls make me wonder which Sarees are best. Indians, Turkish or Bangalis. Emotion: embarrassed
Do Turkish people have sarees of their own? Emotion: surprise I thought the saree was native to the subcontinent!Emotion: embarrassed

BTW Adomi, there is no such thing as an Indian saree. You have three kinds of Assamese silk, umpteen kinds of cotton, Benarasis from Benaras(now Varanasi), umpteen South Indian silks, Ikkat of Orissa, and of course the sarees may be classified by the design on them as well.

As to Bangali(by which you mean what I as a Bangali from West Bengal call Bangladeshi) sarees, I don't have that much knowledge. Dhakai sarees are, of course, very beautiful. There's a saree-saleswoman from Bangladesh who comes to Delhi once a year, and my aunt simply splurges on expensive Bangladeshi sarees, regardless of what my uncle thinks! Once you see those, though... it's worth the wait I must say.


- Joy.

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hey turkishes dont wear sarees my dad bought it cuz i wanted a present Emotion: smile
Good for you, Merve! Now let us see a picture!

Cheers(Now I'm off to put on my own saree for the Wed-ding!),

- Joy
hey i m gonna take a pic 4 u!!!!!but before i gotta find my saree:S
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So find it, kid! I'll persuade the photographer to take a snap or two of me tomorrow... my camera has conked out Emotion: sad

Today I was wearing a South Indian patte silk in royal blue, with a thick yellow border which has red stripes running through it. It's truly amazing - my Mom loved it, and now I do too!

I know I don't exactly come through as the typical Indian, but in a saree I can say I'm proud of who I am, the country I belong to, and the heritage I bring with me.

- Joy

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