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sure u should pride of wearing saree...i m pride of my jedi cope:) really amazing!!! and i have a Lara Croft costume too:)

i wanna see you in yor saree Joy! take care and have fun!
At this exact moment? I guess I am responding to this message.Emotion: smile Just kidding. Looking at my backyard to see the growth of plants.
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Now, I cannot stop wondering; What is a saree? Please one of you girls, do send us a picture Emotion: wink Rishonly, you are funny Emotion: smile So I guess it is warm there since the plants are growing. Here the nature is asleep.
Saree is the principal garment of a Hindoo woman... sarees are not funny actually they are beautiful:)
Hi Ville,

I didnt say sarees were funny, I said that to Rishonly Emotion: wink.
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i didnt read totally:P sorry
HenaRishonly, you are funny Emotion: smile .
That's so true, Hena.
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Emotion: smilei got it
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