Of course since you are reading my post, you must be sitting in front of your computer; I mean what else? Are you at work, or at home? Watching TV at the same time? Eating or drinking something? Anbody else in the room? Etc. etc., anything you can think of. I thought it might be interesting to read… Please also do mention in which city you are.

I am at work, just had my jasmine green tea. I share the office with two colleagues. And I am in Istanbul.

Take care everybody.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you allEmotion: smile
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I'm at home, as usual, and I'm preparing some Saudi coffee( every now and then I'd go to check whether or not it is readyEmotion: big smile). Of course, I'd read a novel and some poems when I logout, mostly, I'd have a book near my pc so that whenever it goes off, I'd read for minutes, my sisters laugh at me but I can't live without a book close to me.By the way, my sisters are watching TV just to my right hand . The weather , sepecially in the central province of the Kingdom is freezing, I can hardly feel my finger tips as I type this post.

The books I'd read:

* The Unfurling Poems , for Nimah Nawwab

* A Man Named Dave, for Dave Pelzer( this is the second reading)

See youEmotion: big smile
I'm at home too; I am in my room with my sister, she is in front of her computer and I am in front of mine....actually it seems to be in a office! Emotion: wink....in this moment I have to do a search for my book I'm writing Emotion: smile
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See, it is already getting more interesting than I could imagine. We have a writer among us. What is that you are writing Francesca? A novel? What is it about? I hope they translate it into English.

Sweet desert, how do you make Saudi coffee? Do you make it with the coffee machine? Actually, I would also like to know how you make tea. I had an Arab friend, she used to add something to black tea and it would taste and smell lovely. I forgot the name of it, now we cannot get in touch. Do you have any idea about what it could be? Also the book that you are reading for the second time, what is it about?

bye for now Emotion: big smile
What is that you are writing Francesca? A novel? What is it about? I hope they translate it into English.

I'm writing about a musician who was born in my town in 1853 and then he emigrated to USA where became a famous bandmaster, he led the US Marine Band and played at the White House....unfortunately nobody knows him in my town so I'm doing this search for let him known. I hope I'll finish it before summer then I will open a web-site in 2 languages (italian english) because he is still very famous in USA. My book will be published and distribuited only in my town.

Thanks for your interest! ByeEmotion: smile
I'm correcting an essay and eating some pizza... Emotion: big smile
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Well, back to the coffee! and sorry for the delay. It's actually a piece of cake because the secret is in the way you roast it. Usually, we only make it golden or light brown, then, boil some water and add some coffee; bring to the boil, then, reduce the heat and simmer gently for 10 mins. After it gets ready , you can add a pinch of ground cardamon and saffron. Finally, fetch some delicious dates or chocolates and enjoy.[<:o)][L]
The book, yeah, I almost forgot. It's about an American hero who suffered alot yet he became a successful writer and the thing I like most about it is that it teaches me how to cope with life especially when it gets far harsh.Emotion: smile
Right now I'm procrastinating before I start work again for the first time since my Christmas break. I'm naughty being on the forum instead of getting stuck into writing a marketing brochure for one of my clients.

I'm sitting in my home office in my dressing gown, waiting for my boyfriend to bring me the cup of tea I can hear him making upstairs, typing away on my laptop. I've just caught up with my e-mails and I'm looking with horror at a huge pile of 'stuff' on my desk that all needs sorting out and filing/throwing away/dealing with. Hurray my tea has now arrived!

I'm also wishing it would snow properly as we've had a few little sprinklings over the last couple of days and I love snow.

Later today, when I've finished working (only a half day I think to ease myself back into it ha ha) I'm going to go and start reading my new book (Simon Shama's History of Britain), walk round to the corner shop to buy some milk, and bravely launch myself at the remaining Christmas chocolates.
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