Hi Masters!

I wonder if somebody can help me to find the correct name of a product.

There is one special kind of carpet available in the market, which it is not for floor covering. It is usually small in size (e.g. 35 cm x 70 cm) mounted on the wall inside a frame. It is weaved like other handmade carpets, but showing landscape, portraiture, animals, etc.

You can see lots of such carpets on the web:

What do English natives call this kind of carpet? I was thinking around something like Carpet Tableau, or Tableau Carpet or wall-hung carpet...

Native masters help would be appreciated.

In my experience carpet goes on the floor, upholstery goes on the furniture, and "wall hangings" go on the wall. My sainted mother used to spend long hours making embroidered "wall hangings" which depicted scenes. The noun "tapestry" comes to mind also. I think they tend to be larger than "wall hangings."

Hmmm. The link below shows small ones as well.

http://www.simplytapestries.com /

Edit. The items depicted on your linked site peak my curiosity. Unfortunately, I can't read the language. Some seem to have religious significance, possibly Christian, or am I mistaken? Does this site have a particular cultural orientation, or is it international?
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Dear Avangi,

Thanks for your comments.
It is only a shopping website. The site language is Farsi (Persian).
All kinds of "wall-hanging carpets" i.e. cultural, religious, portraiture, ancient scenes, landscapes, etc. are available.

If you have any question in this spirit, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks, Perspolis.