How to explain there here?
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Hi there, Guest,
It's a standard phrase we say without a lot of conscious thought.

My opinion is that I feel 'I am here' and 'you are there', we are in two different places.
So a long version of what I'm saying is 'Hello to you who are there', ie 'Hi there'.

'Hi' is informal and friendly, but to me 'hi there' seems a little more informal and friendly.

Hi there everyone!

OED wrote;
"There" is used as a brusque mode of address (often in commands) to a person or persons in the place or direction indicated. "You (that are) there". It is now also appended casually to exclamations of greeting, as "Hi (or Hello) there!", frequently with a purpose to attract attention or to express cordiality.

(1) "Hi there!" (call or warning) (Dialect Notes 1924)
(2) "Hello!" "Hello there!" ('Battle of Angels' by T. Williams 1945)
(3) "Hello there!" "What's new?" ('Life at Top' by J. Braine 1962)
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Hi is the common word that all use when we see each other or when we chat.. It means "How are you ?" . After Hi, it need not to be asked "How are you" again. If one says, "Hi" ; the reply should be, "I am fine".
No, it means 'hello' not 'how are you?'.
What's wrong with this thread? The last person posting here seems to be nona, but somehow it is paco and I know paco has long been gone. Emotion: sad

by nona the brit
Today, 2:14 PM
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Maybe she deleted her post..Emotion: thinking
No, I'm still there!


can you see me?
Nona The BritNo, I'm still there!
Nona, do you mean your post? Nope..it isn't there, or at least I can't see it!
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